Friday, June 3, 2011

More Projects!

This dresser is so cute. I am sure whoever painted it 
needed a blue and baby poop yellow
dresser to compliment the room! 
This yellow had a lot of brown and green undertones so it 
was quite hideous. 
The pictures don't do it justice.....It was bad.
So I got out my Annie Sloan Old white and literally half an hour later.........

This is what I ended up with! I love the soft look now
and I very lightly brushed some of the paint 
onto the blue. Then I waxed it with the clear wax.......
10 minutes later I had this......
I was able to vignette the top right away! Oh and I painted 
this in place while the shop was open!
With any other paint there would have been drips, it would 
have taken lots of time to dry, thus someone 
may have left the shop with paint on them, and I would 
have had to wait quite a while to add anything 
to the top as it would have stuck to the paint. 

I also painted this mirror above the dresser.....
I really like the way it came out. I am still getting the feel 
of the wax and how much to use 
but you can not make a mistake! If you use too much you
just buff it out, Too little just add more.
Ok I am gushing I know but try this for yourself you will love it!

Below are some pictures I snapped yesterday of the shop....

Next week is the big shop update. We will be getting the bed 
and finally the fabulous Belgian linen sheets...
So everything must be rearranged to fit a bed into the shop!
I don't know how I will pull it off but it must fit.

I am off to Christy and Rita's show at the Oaks in Rainbow.


  1. Love all your talent....and not just because I am head deep in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint as Southern
    California Stockist/House of Anne.
    You are one neat lady and I am so fortunate to have you come into my life.....

  2. Love how the dresser turned out---fabulous!! I am dying to try some of the Annie Sloan chalk paint. Can't wait to see your bed and linens in the shop. Your pictures of your shop look beautiful.

  3. Surfing blogland and found your little dresser makeover! So cute! Love your shop too!