Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Perfect Headboard

So now I am looking for the perfect 
Not as easy as you would think.....

Since I will be having white belgian linen bedding from
the shop a white headboard would be 
But I have white walls so I would want to paint behind 
for this type of effect....Or.....

Or I could do this, Very clever huh?
But I would add a sconce, gold of course to the middle 
and have the cord hang down behind.
Since the wall is so tall, about 20' this would be a great 

This gorgeous thing.
I love the idea of this and the scale would be right 
but I think I may use some chalk paint for the 
pop of color I would need. Arles or Duck Egg?

So I am off to look for what is out there. 
Went to Country Roads yesterday they have some 
amazing things but will have to 
go back now that I have these great images in my mind.
The real fun is in the dreaming and then the finding.

Any other suggestions?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Looking for the Perfect Table

I have always wanted a farmhouse table.
I have seen many over the years 
but they have all been expensive and if I did find one
that was more reasonable I did not like it as well 
as the more expensive ones.

I am now on the hunt! 
I may even be making one, Ha! that makes me 
Laugh saying it out loud....
This one is really cute but I want chunkier legs and
more of an overhang at the ends,
Oh these legs are Fabulous.
But again need more of an overhang.
I love this one because I will be using the table outside
and this one looks rustic.

These two would be great because of the metal legs.
Oh now I think I must have metal legs! 

Uh Oh and now maybe I need a zinc top!???

Does this happen to you when you are looking for 
just the perfect "thing"?
Well it is fun looking and now with Google images 
the selection can be mind boggling. 
I know I will find or be able to create just the perfect piece for 
the patio..........I just don't know when.
But I know I will have fun looking.

This last picture is not exactly what I want but 
it is the exact feeling I want.
Don't you just want to sit and have some 
yummy food with family and friends at this table?
I know I do..........

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Truly Tattered, Behind The Curtain

I do lot's of things at the shop.
I price, Fix, and Create things
 that go out onto the floor.

When I first opened 
I thought of turning the back
into more retail space but we are sure glad I didn't!
There are many things that go on behind this curtain and some 
of it is not pretty!
But today for where Bloggers Create I got
it all pretty for you!

When I opened I decided to make this area 
look as cute as the rest of the shop since it is what you 
look at when you enter the front door and when
you are at my counter. 
I can also close the curtains when I have a huge 
mess I don't want to share!
Here are some of the images of my desks/work area's

 You can see in some of my office decor things I create. 
These flowers are made to order and I have done many for 
Weddings. They also work well in living rooms, bedrooms, really anywhere that needs a little fun!
I got some crepe paper at an estate sale and 
I am having fun with that too!

  Hope this was fun for you.....
there is lots more to see at 
 so Party On........

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Room Service!

I offer design Services at Truly Tattered.
This is Tammy's
Home that I did about a month ago.

I love taking what the client has and mixing it up,
adding, and even taking away
to achieve a brand new look.

Tammy got a new sofa and wanted to mix
it in with all the wonderful things she allready had in the room
and add in some things from the garage.
She often has large groups over so there needed to be
enough places for everyone to sit.

She is really open to trying different ideas so we put a
map backround in her bookcase and
added our signature flowers to the wall behind the sofa.
I think it really came out great and she reports that
she is happy with the outcome!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It is HOT!

I think it is really hot today but
in reality it has been hotter.
I am going to cool you off with these images of
cool water...........

My Favorite!

I love water and here is to hoping that
if you are in a hot area you are spending your time in

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independance Day!

Happy Fourth 
below are some pictures of things that
are cute, creative, and not
on my diet! 
Wishing all of you a wonderful day with
Family and Friends. 

And have an extra helping of dessert for me!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And the Winner is...........

Connie at
You must visit her darling blog!

Thank You to everyone who entered and who became 
followers of 
Truly Tattered 
                  Round the Coop...................

I am finally feeling like it is Summer!

  Summer says Sea Shells to me......

I love all the little old porcelain mermaids, elves, bridges, and rocks
from old aquariums

Sea Shell Jewelry

Just some musings on Summer....
I think it has to do with the 4th coming.
What are your plans?
I will be at the Irvine Valley College
Flea Market
this Sunday July 3rd
Along with Debbie Cooper of 
Round the Coop.
Make sure to stop in and see us if you are in
the area! We have lots of goodies
and of Course some furniture painted with 
Chalk Paint. 
Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today Truly Tattered and Round the Coop
are announcing 
Annie Sloan Paint Giveaway!
You will receive.....
One can of 
Annie Sloan Paint & One metal treasure box.
I love this paint (as you know) so we are also showing how 
versatile it is by adding a silver toned
Box painted in the country grey with dark wax. 

You will also get to pick your choice of color 
for one can of paint! 
This giveaway will be up for one week and all you have to do is 
Leave a comment on this blog 
and on Debbie Coopers blog Round the Coop.
Let us know which color of paint you
Adore, and what you would paint with your new color!
That's It!

This is the sad little silver box before the Annie Sloan
Here is a before of a metal lamp base.......

And the after painted in gorgeous Duck Egg......

So while you are all going crazy painting your furniture
don't forget to paint some metal too...
it is very satisfying to transform sad little pieces into 
beautiful, useful, things for your 
Very "Green" too.

If you live in the Orange County Area and would like to
see more of this paint we have it in stock at:

Truly Tattered
482 El Camino Real
Tustin, Ca. 92780
Call first to make sure we have all colors available!

Good luck to you all and we will announce the winner 
Next week!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Amazing Flowers

They are just the most wonderful 
flowers in the world....
I so wish we could grow them in Southern California
But my good friend Kathy-Vintage Lady
who has the greenest thumb around
tells me it is a no go.....
You can get them at Trader Joe's for $6.99 a bunch...
I highly recommend them for 
their beauty and aroma.
Many who came into the shop this week thought they were FAKE!!
(I can only imagine it is because they are so perfect)
Here are a few more pic's
To all of our customers and friends in blog land
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's New At Truly Tattered.....

I have been busy at the shop!
This picture is such a great shot of what Ihave been up to.
I have given the shop a brand new look
with a little paint 
and our newest venture........
Belgian Linen Bedding.....
So soft, So luxurious, So decadent.......
This linen is easy to take care of
and will last a lifetime. 
I am hoping to carry a basic line like what is shown and 
then Custom designs to your specifications!

 Stop by the shop soon to touch and feel 
this fantastic bedding.
You will want to crawl right in!

Looking forward to seeing you......

Truly Tattered
482 El Camino Real
Tustin, Ca. 92780

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chateau De Fleurs

What a wonderful day we had at the show!
The weather was perfect, 
The location was fantastic, and all the vendors were 
loaded with goodies and smiles!
This was the vignette that greeted us when we arrived, 
we knew this was going to be good
and it did not disappoint!

I loved this chair by Debbie from Blossoms 

Rita  - I should have bought this!

Can you even believe this? TALENT!
Cute Sisters, loved seeing them!
This is the only picture of Rita that I got, she is a blur of movement!
You know her work! Christy was so sweet and her booth looked fantastic!
These are amazing, her paintings in miniature.....
My friend Lydia was there with her darling tea towels, I brought one home!
Furniture queen love you!
I wish I would have taken more pictures but I was 
so busy looking at all the great stuff and talking to everyone
I missed so much to share with you.....
The best way to see everything is to go to this fabulous show 
next time! 
                                   You won't want to miss it!