Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Perfect Headboard

So now I am looking for the perfect 
Not as easy as you would think.....

Since I will be having white belgian linen bedding from
the shop a white headboard would be 
But I have white walls so I would want to paint behind 
for this type of effect....Or.....

Or I could do this, Very clever huh?
But I would add a sconce, gold of course to the middle 
and have the cord hang down behind.
Since the wall is so tall, about 20' this would be a great 

This gorgeous thing.
I love the idea of this and the scale would be right 
but I think I may use some chalk paint for the 
pop of color I would need. Arles or Duck Egg?

So I am off to look for what is out there. 
Went to Country Roads yesterday they have some 
amazing things but will have to 
go back now that I have these great images in my mind.
The real fun is in the dreaming and then the finding.

Any other suggestions?


  1. I just love photo number 2
    I have been wanting to do something along this line for some time now.
    Everything is so inspiring over here, see you soon :)

    Have an inspiring week.

  2. l agree with you...the torquiose wall looks wonderful behind the louvres.